Aquabus at Granville Island

Aquabus at Granville Island is a popular ferry service in Vancouver that operates between various stops along False Creek, including Granville Island, Yaletown, Hornby Street, David Lam Park, and the Maritime Museum. The Aquabus provides a fun and convenient way to explore Vancouver's waterfront and enjoy scenic views of the city from the water.

Aquabus at Granville Island fleet consists of small, brightly colored boats that can carry up to 12 passengers each. The boats are equipped with comfortable seats and large windows that provide excellent views of the surrounding area. The service runs on a regular schedule, with boats departing every 15 to 20 minutes during peak hours.

In addition to regular service, the Aquabus at Granville Island also offers private charters for groups and special events. The company is committed to sustainable practices, using clean-burning natural gas engines and recycling all waste generated during operations.

Overall, the Aquabus is a popular and enjoyable way to explore Vancouver's waterfront and get around the city, offering a unique perspective and a fun way to travel.

 Aquabus at Granville Island

All of False Creek's key locations are serviced by the Aquabus on a regular, daily basis.

Regular Fare Price: Aquabus at Granville Island

Adults$5 ($8.50 for return trip)
Seniors And Children$3.50 ($5.50 for return trip)

Virtual Tour: Aquabus at Granville Island

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All of the main locations in False Creek have frequent, daily passenger ferry service provided by the Aquabus. Whether you're a commuter, tourist, or both, the roomy boats and warm-hearted drivers will make your trip go smoothly as you take in Vancouver's breathtaking waterfront views.

Opening Hours And Location: Aquabus at Granville Island

Monday7:00am –8:00pm
Tuesday7:00am –8:00pm
Wednesday7:00am –8:00pm
Thursday7:00am –8:00pm
Friday7:00am –8:00pm
Saturday7:00am –8:00pm
Sunday7:00am –8:00pm


230 - 1333 Johnston St

Vancouver, BC V6H 3R9



Click Here To Download The Map Of The Aquabus at Granville Island.

Things To Do

  • Foot passenger boats in rainbow colours that travel to Granville Island, the city, and the area around False Creek. 25-minute sightseeing cruise that is enjoyable and affordable.
  • No matter if you're a commuter, tourist, or both, you can travel comfortably while taking in Vancouver's breathtaking waterfront landscape thanks to the comfy boats and helpful drivers.

Restaurants Near By

  • The Sandbar Seafood Restaurant
  • Lee's Donuts

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