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https://globalduniya.ca/tours?keyword=About+Us It all started in April 2014, when the director's Anadi & Anant Mishra had some family from London, England. These family members were not just like any ordinary people, they were the financial elite in London operating a major Tech business. In the normal scenario. the financial background of a far away family member is not really relevant in day-to-day operations, but what happened in that summer of 2014, changed how the brothers view Travel forever.

To fully appreciate their revelation, we would have to know about their past a little bit. Anant Mishra was always the big goofy and jolly guy who could even make a really stone-faced war veteran crack a smile, he has always had a knack for business and talking to people. On the other hand, Anadi Mishra was the literal exact opposite, he was the numbers guy who would rather spend 24 hours on his computer solving a tough technical problem rather than “wasting” his time talking to people. After completing their respective degrees, Anant was on his path to becoming a Real-Estate Agent, and Anadi was on his path to becoming a Software Developer. Even though both of the brothers were very different in almost everything, they both loved to travel a lot. Anadi was interested in Solo Travelling and viewing nature's most serene landscapes, and Anant liked touring the most popular places with his 20+ friends and partying all night long.

Now let's back to the Summer of 2014, Mr. and Mrs. D were coming to Vancouver for 15 days in order to sign a very important business deal. Mr. and Mrs. D were what you would consider Traditional Business People, this means that they relied heavily on Professionals to help them with their queries, and in return, they paid them with heavy fees. After running a successful business for so many years, they had become used to receiving a high level of service-expertise and quality whether it would be a cup of coffee or a hand towel to wipe their sweat. After 4 days of gruelling focus, Mr. and Mrs. D were able to get that contract approved and were ecstatic. They wanted to celebrate their happiness by touring British Columbia in all its Canadian Glory.

So they informed, Anadi and Anant to help them find the most premium Travel Agency in British Columbia. This was a little troubling for the young brothers, as they were used to finding solo or big group tours, but had no idea where even to start looking for Premium Tour. Like, what did it even mean for a Tour Agency to be a premium tour agency? So they asked, Mr. and Mrs. D again. They said that a premium travel agency is a DMC that provides the most luxurious private tours. So the brothers started looking, within a day they found out that there was no agency which was providing Premium Private tours, they did find some Private tours DMC which were taking their Customers to the same old Classic locations in British Columbia. So, they decided that instead of giving their close family member who has come from so far to just be satisfied with a subpar tour, they would instead create a custom private luxurious tour by combining both of their travel knowledge acquired after years of travelling. Now, this was the hard part, both brothers had no true idea of what it means to be luxurious or premium.

They each started talking to their friends about luxury, whether it'd be Anant's Investor Friends in Chicago or Anadi's Developer friends at Facebook. Once they had gotten a grasp on the concept of luxury, now they had to execute it. Anant worked on arranging a luxury vehicle and charting out the route, and Anadi researched the culture, history and unique things about his favourite locations. They both then combined their resources to generate an itinerary to satisfy the elite. They did a 3-day trip taking the couple from Vancouver, Whistler, Squamish and Victoria. Mr. and Mrs. D were very satisfied with the tour. They were so satisfied, that they even offered some of their stocks from their company.

And so the brothers decided from that day, they will aim to become the most luxurious and premium travel agency in Canada.

So, What is Globalduniya? Globalduniya Canada is a brainchild of the directors Anadi and Anant Mishra. It is a popular Destination Management Company operating widely in British Columbia. From Metro Vancouver's bustling City life to Harrison's Hot Springs. We have been providing the most premium and luxurious services to our Clients since 2014.We are federally incorporated and are proudly licensed by Consumer Protection BC. We also have deep connections within the travel industry, for example, We are members of the Cruise Line Industry Association (CLIA), and the Association of Canadian Travel Agents (ACTA)

Some of our most popular services are stated below:

  • Local Private Luxury Tours
  • Local Private Day Trips
  • Private Multi-Day Tours
  • Local Private Tours for Family
  • Luxury Private Honeymoon Tours and Couple Tours
  • Local Private Cultural and History Tours
  • Domestic and International Flights
  • Domestic and International Hotel Bookings

We offer way more services than stated above and would love to customize something unique for you. To get a custom free quote and book your very own luxury private tour.

For a free,no-obligation, consultation simply emails a few of these details to info@globalduniya.ca and we will get straight back to you with some ideas and suggestions.

If you like my ideas for a Local city tour we can come up with a more detailed plan, by email or phone at +17788821450, before you decide.

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