Travel Finances Available| Travel Now Pay Later

Travel now. Pay over time.*

Through Globalduniya Canada, you can book your trip today and make easy monthly payments that fit nicely within your budget. It's a fast and easy way to turn your ideal vacation into reality. Plus, you can travel before your loan is paid off.

With Globalduniya Canada Pay Monthly Option you get:

Affordable plans

Make your first payment at booking and pay off your vacation with convenient monthly payments. To keep things simple, Globalduniya can automatically process your payments and notify you with a convenient email and text.

Great rates

Budget and book your trip with confidence, lock in better prices earlier, and avoid carrying balances on high-interest credit cards.

Quick and easy application

Simply select Pay Monthly at checkout, complete a short application, and you’ll receive an instant loan decision. A soft credit check will be run to confirm eligibility, but your credit score will not be impacted.


No surprises

Make the same fixed payment each month with no late fees and no prepayment penalties.


For a free, no-obligation, consultation simply emails a few of these details to and we will get straight back to you with some ideas and suggestions.

If you want some finance for your Vacation or flight or Hotel we can come up with a more detailed plan, by email or phone at +17788821450, before you decide.



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