MSC Cruises MSC World Europa: 3-Night Mediterranean Cruise from Genoa

Featuring a vast choice of new themed locations and activities. Restore your body and soul in the MSC Aurea Spa, to relax and enjoy a luxurious Balinese spa. Immerse yourself in a world of luxury including premium suites, exclusivity and privacy. A wide variety of bars and cafes to match any mood. The award-winning MSC Kids Club offers state-of-the-art facilities for kids with a dedicated area.

* Port order and/or content may vary by sailing date.


Day 1: Genoa (Portofino)
Day 2: day at sea
Day 3: Barcelona, Spain
Day 4: Marseille, France

Itinerary Ports

When you cruise, encounter unique ports of call that are rich in history, culture and natural beauty.

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is a vibrant city located along the Mediterranean coast. For years it was overlooked, but since hosting the Summer Olympics in 1992 Barcelona has been growing in popularity and its economy and people are thriving. With this growing popularity come even more options for cruises to Barcelona. The city is perhaps most known for its fascinating architecture, especially the buildings in the Gothic Quarter. Barcelona is based in Catalonia and therefore many of its residents speak Catalan. The Catalan culture is different from most of Spain and this is most evident in the food. Tapas aren’t as popular here, but pork and Serrano ham is almost always on the menu. Contact one of our cruise experts for help planning a cruise to Barcelona, Spain.

Marseille, France

Marseille is the second most populous city in France and considered the oldest. Marseille has lots to offer cruisers, including excavations that have found dwellings dating back to 6,000 BC. The city was founded by Greeks in 600 BC as a trading port, and even today Marseilles remains an important trading (and cruising!) port. This ancient city is thoroughly modern with tall buildings and a boom of technology businesses. On your cruise to Marseille, make sure to experience both the ancient and modern in this French marvel.

Genoa (Portofino

Genoa is a marvelously hilly city in Northern Italy that is oftentimes overlooked for its more glamorous neighbors, Rome and Venice. However, Genoa, which was once the most important port along the Mediterranean, is one of Europe’s most intact old cities. Genoa, along with nearby Portofino, are perfect cruise destinations to see the some of Italy's best art and architecture. It is also a place that has influenced America in a roundabout way, for Genoa was the birthplace of Christopher Columbus, the explorer who brought Europe’s attention to the New World. It is also where we get the word for “jeans.” Genoa produced cotton corduroy that was popular and weavers in Nimes, France tried to reproduce it, but wound up with a twill fabric. This is where we derive the word “denim” from de Nimes, but blue jeans still honor the original fabric produced in Genoa. Explore this marvelous Italian gem on your own cruise to Genoa, Italy, or nearby Portofino.

Ship Information

Imagine the future of cruising onboard the new revolutionary MSC World Europa, the first ship in the trailblazing MSC World class fleet. LNG powered – one of the world’s cleanest marine fuels, and featuring breakthrough green technologies MSC World Europa symbolizes the beginning of a new era of cruising. Yet another example of MSC Cruises’ firm long-term environmental commitment and responsibility to the future, this unique prototype features a ground-breaking design, where every detail is conceived to offer you a taste of a new cruising experience. It’s a class of emotions, for a ship never seen before.

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