Frequently Asked Questions

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  • question_answerHow to book flights at Globalduniya Canada?
    Due to the Covid tomes, all of our functionality has changed to an online version. To book a flight, you can contact our representatives at 778-592-1822 to book a flight directly.
  • question_answerHow to book local tours from Globalduniya Canada?
    If you are interested in buying some international tours from all over the world, you can go on But, if you are looking for local tours in British Columbia, you can check out our sister website:
  • question_answerHow do I write a review for Globalduniya Canada?
    If you have booked a flight or hotels with us, you can write us a review at our Google business account, but if you have booked a local tour with us, you can leave a review at Tripadvisor
  • question_answer I have not purchased travel insurance at the time of ticket purchase? Can I buy Travel insurance now?
    We recommend that travel insurance must be purchased at the time of your ticket purchase but yes, you can buy travel insurance before your departure.
  • question_answerI've not had a response back from my guide, What should I do?
    We expect guides to reply within 24-48 hours to every traveler's inquiry. If it's been more than 48 hours since you sent your email, we encourage you to contact Customer Support  to follow up. Please note: answers to questions regarding specific details about the tour (i.e. pricing, transportation, itinerary, etc.) must come from the guide. Customer Support will assist in facilitating prompt email contact between yourself and the guide; however, to set proper expectations, it should be noted that during high season, response times from the guides will depend on the volume of inquiries and bookings. Guides typically conduct their administrative duties during their off-hours to deliver the very best tour experiences possible. We thank you for your patience and understanding during these busy seasons.
  • question_answerDo I need to tip my Guide?
    No. You do not need to tip your guide. All our guides set their tour prices to ensure they are appropriately compensated for their time. As such they do not rely on tips from tours. If you would like to help your guide, you can leave a thoughtful review of your tour for future travelers to see.