Private Tours of Vancouver | Small Group Tours

up to 6 Pax.

Ideal for individuals, couples, families, or small groups who want a personal and conversational tour based on their passions and interests.  Each unique tour is tailored to your precise requirements. As a small group, it is possible to visit many places that don’t permit larger groups and lots of places that don’t feature in the guidebooks. These are customizable tours.

Vancouver Tours

Often booked by:

  • First-time and experienced visitors to Vancouver wanting something different alongside the well-known sights.
  • Local couples and families celebrating a special anniversary or birthday.
  • Individuals wanting to make something good out of a long layover at Vancouver YVR airport.
  • Groups of friends wanting to discover new places and stories.
  • People staying for a short period who want to explore attractions uniquely in Vancouver
  • People who are bewildered by the enormous choice Vancouver offers and who want someone to give them an expert hand planning their trip
Vancouver summer tours

Key Advantages:

  • Explore the places you really want to see and skip the things that don't interest you.
  • We make sure that the places you have seen are not duplicated.
  • We travel at your pace pausing for a break, whenever you like, this is your tour after all!
  • Save time and energy finding your way from place to place.
  • Explore hidden gems that, you probably wouldn’t find for yourself.
  • Find out about real Vancouver life from a local guide.
  • Have the exclusive services of an award-winning, insured, and fully qualified professional guide.
  • Enjoy total flexibility.
  • Receive follow-up after the tour: for example a map of the route we took, links to websites, recommendations, suggestions, tips, and hints about anything we happen to have been talking about during the day.
  • An absolute guarantee that you will never pay unnecessary additional or hidden fees.
Adventure in Vancouver

Unique Features:

  • I never take more than one private booking per day so you will have my undivided attention and I can be totally flexible about where and when we start and finish.
  • I don’t use scripts or set routes. I speak to you, not at you, and take you to the places I think you will most enjoy most.
  • I will never offer to guide you in places where  I really don’t think you will need a guide, for example in places where you will already have paid for a guide in your admission fee!
  • My focus will always be to save you money and time so that you really get the most out of your tour.

What we Can’t Offer?

  • Any tours which violate BC law. We want to offer you secured travel.
  • Hard liquors are prohibited in the vehicle. However, we may guide you about the places, which offer unique drinking options.


Small groups of family & friends
Length1 Person2 People3 People4 People5 People6 People
2 hrs125 CAD235 CAD345 CAD445 CAD545 CAD625 CAD
4 hrs200 CAD210 CAD220 CAD230 CAD240 CAD250 CAD
6 hrs250 CAD260 CAD270 CAD280 CAD290 CAD300 CAD

Our rates include

  • Private vehicle, Driver Cum Guide, POPs, and Chips.
  • Sightseeing, Few admission tickets

They don’t include

  • Your Shopping costs, food and drinks, refreshments.


  • You can pay me on the day in cash, or beforehand by credit card/bank transfer or Stripe.
  • Depending on the tour we plan we may ask for a small deposit.


  • If you need to cancel your tour for any reason we did appreciate as much notice as possible. Given notice, we will refund any deposit or pre-payment, barring transaction fees, in full. For bookings canceled within 24 hours, we can’t offer a refund.
  • If we need to cancel we will refund any payments including fees in full immediately and will do my very best to find a trusted associate company, who is available and fully briefed to run the same tour we have planned. Read our policy here

How to Book

For a genuinely tailored tour, it’s obviously helpful for me to know a little about you and what you are planning.

  • The date(s) you are looking at.
  • How many people in your group and their approximate ages?
  • Any special requirements?
  • Are you visiting Vancouver and have you been before? Or are you locals?
  • Is the tour part of a special event e.g. a birthday celebration, Honeymoon trip, etc?
  • Any must-see places on your wish list, whether or not as part of a tour?
  • Any particular enthusiasms, passions, hobbies, professional interests you have. Or any things you really don’t want to see and aren’t interested in.

For a free, no-obligation, consultation simply emails a few of these details to and we will get straight back to you with some ideas and suggestions.

If you like my ideas for a tour we can come up with a more detailed plan, by email or phone at +17788821450, before you decide whether or not to book