Day Trip : Sunshine and sunflower in Vancouver

Just in case you needed even more reason to travel the Vancouver, here’s one more to spark your wanderlust: these amazing fields of blooming flowers around Vancouver are a sight to behold. Join Globalduniya Day Trip for the sunflower festival in Vancouver and look for a new July Picturesque adventure. Some time the timelines change due to changing weather conditions. 

Sunflower in Vancouver @Globalduniya

The sunflowers are beginning to open in the fields that draw visitors from across the state and beyond. 

In Vancouver, millions of sunflower seeds are sown each May. However, the field opens around July 1, and blooms typically last for about 10 days.

You may have heard of some of these before, but some are hidden gems that locals like us may share with the world: 

Vancouver sunflower festival

Tips for visiting the Sunflower Field

The owners ask that visitors don’t bring pets. There is a Minimum dollar charge to enter the field or take photos of your own children or your own friend with your phone or camera. However, professional photographers must pay $20 per client/session in the field. 

Sunflower Vancouver bc

You can even bring home a bucket of flowers. We recommend you bring your own cutters for safety reasons, although the farm has some available. Buckets are also available in the field, and you can put up to 14 flowers in a bucket for $10. 

Sunflower chilliwack bc

You can also buy a single flower for $1 each. 

Field owners also sell T-shirts, cantaloupe, watermelon, and sunflower seed packets. Be sure to bring cash or a checkbook, though, because Internet service is very poor at the farm.

 The field is open from dusk to dawn.

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Flower festival Vancouver bc

There are more than a few beautiful places to go: Many farms open their gates to locals and tourists alike so you can appreciate the view before the flowers are harvested for market. A few locales even host festivals when the fields are in full bloom. Whether you're going with family or friends, these events have activities and tours that are fun and exciting for everyone. Some even allow you to pick your own flowers. Alternatively, naturally grown fields offer another view:

These parks and reserves a wider variety of flowers. You'll have a lot more room to roam, but remember that these ecosystems are much more delicate than their human-grown counterparts. For preservation's sake, stick to the trails and leave flowers to grow naturally. (That way, you and the rest of the country can admire them again next year.)

What’s New in our tours :

  • Tour Advanced reservation tickets, available through special connections.
  • Mask requirements for our staff and visitors
  • Social distancing as per state guidelines and protocols in all areas
  • Beautiful ranunculus bouquets may be picked.
Sunflower bulbs in chilliwack bc

What Isn’t Changing:

The feeling of wanderlust as you stroll through our relaxing, picturesque, fresh air working farm to experience the splendor of floral bands of color overlooking the Pacific Ocean!!!

Sunflower field in chilliwack
  • Making memories! Capture memorable photos and sharing fun social media posts with stunning floral backdrops and photo ops
  • Wandering through our fragrant sweet pea maze
  • Visiting the poinsettia and orchid displays
  • And, of course, taking your favorite antique tractor tour around the fie
Sunflower festival Vancouver @Globalduniya

As a result, we are thrilled to welcome back visitors to experience the Flower Fields with its giant ranunculus and colorful gardens. Melt your cares away under the glowing, warm So-Cal sun. The vibrant color will be just as you remember it! Immerse yourself at this moment in time – and let the world stand still just for a day! if you want to book this tour contact 7788821450 or contact