Vancouver arcade Crawl( min 2 people)

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Vancouver arcade Crawl( min 2 people)


We will go to various arcades and play multiple retro games, each arcade would have a specific genre/theme they are good at and therefore the tour is always custom made based on the groups preference.

If the group prefers to have more of a modern/VR crawl, then we can have that or if the group prefers a chill Mario Cart adventure while drinking latte, we can do that.

The goal is to maximize the amount of fun and enjoy times with your loved ones.

This is the only tour/activity of this kind and is never the same, therefore it is highly recommended for nerds and geek alike.

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    We will be hoping to many different arcades and video game cafes to have an amazing video game experience playing all sorts of old-school games to the modern as well as VR games.
    Duration: 4 hours

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