Vancouver City of Flowers

Flowers, the most beautiful thing on the face of the planet, are extremely valuable. Flowers are unique to each season. Unique festivals are held to celebrate the amazing beauty of seasonal flowers in Vancouver, and they draw tourists from all over the world. During these festivals, people gather to enjoy great food and music in addition to the vibrant flowers. It's time to stop and smell the flowers. The most glorious flower festival is mapped right outside Vancouver and it's such a hidden gem.

Chilliwack Sunflower Festival

Might flower bloom after April rains, but you don't have to wait too long to get your flower fix. This month, the biggest and brightest displays of Sunflower, tulips, daffodils, and hyacinths bloom throughout the Fraser Valley and beyond, transforming farms into a sea of colour. While the pretty petals last, visit these family-friendly and Instagram-worthy flower festivals.


The Chilliwack Sunflower Fest is full of the prettiest long-stemmed wildflowers, with an 8-foot-tall sunflower field surrounding it. The colors are light and subdued, with bursts of contrasting red thrown in here and there. Beautiful mountains make the perfect background. The magnificent views and aromatic settings have a mind-calming effect. They have a swing and a windmill among other props. Allow the kids to enjoy their lawn games! it is the best Day Trip idea in my opinion if you want to Book this Tour Click Here

Cheery Blossom Festival

Most years, the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival takes place in April and includes a Japan Fair and other blossom-themed activities. During cherry blossom season, many Vancouver residents shout, "This is why I live here!" When the rainy season ends in the spring, city dwellers put away their sweaters and are greeted with one of the world's most happening sights: 40,000 cherry trees overflowing with pink and white Bloome.

Vancouver’s many parks and gardens are ideal showcases for the beloved trees, but there are also a number of urban places to view these pink and white beauties. if you want to Book this Tour Click Here

Do's and Don't

1) Do not climb the trees
2) Do not break the branches
3) Be respectful of the residents who live on the street
4) Do not stop in the middle of the street
5) Keep your visit to a max of 15mins (cause really, how long does it take to snap a few photos?)
6) Stay on city property, do not go on private property
7) Try to stay off the grass, especially if you are wearing heels.
Mostly – be respectful to the environment and the residents. Remember that it is the residents who are responsible for caring for those trees.

Abbotsford Tulip festival

There's a new spring flower in town if you're tired of cherry blossoms.
Only kidding, cherry blossoms are a sight to behold. In the Lower Mainland, however, there is an equally spectacular flower display to behold this season.
The Fraser Valley will be ablaze with colorful blooms this week as the biggest and longest-running tulip festival in Western Canada returns.
Tulips of the Valley was the previous name for this flower.

Thousands of brightly colored tulips are available on the farm, which is spread out over a ten-acre field, with pricing divided into two categories: low bloom and high bloom. Low bloom is preferable for those who don't mind fewer flowers in bloom in the field but don't want to be surrounded by crowds. Photographers who want full-color fields and people who want to see an ocean of bright colors should use high bloom. Obviously,if you want to Book this Tour Click Here


Stanley Rose Garden

The Stanley Park rose garden contains over 3,500 rose bushes, which are arranged in flower beds and also climb over an arbor. Other cultivated plants and flowers surround the garden.

The rose garden is divided into two sections, which are located on either side of a road. One of the joys of entering the garden is the glorious splash of color that appears. The other is the beautiful fragrance that is carried on the breeze.

The flower beds are surrounded by a lawn. Visitors are allowed to walk on the grass, so they can get a close-up view of the roses and other flowers. The roses bloom in summer, but there are also colourful flowers in the garden in the spring and fall. An area is a popular place for summer wedding photographs. In fact, almost every time that I visit the garden in summer, I see a bride in her beautiful white gown.

In winter there isn't as much colour in the garden, but the lovely evergreen shrubs and trees make it a pleasant place to visit. Winter has its own attractions in Stanley Park, including the presence of a wide variety of water birds.

June to August is the best time to see the roses in bloom. By August, however, the flower display is generally past its prime. It's still worth seeing, though.

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